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Creighton University, Dance Team

Dance Team

Selection Criteria
A panel of judges, along with the Moderator, will select members for the Creighton University Jays Dancers Team. Members will be chosen based on the following criteria:

Technique Criteria
Mastery of the following skills:

    • Double and triple turns

    • Calypso leaps on right side

    • Ala second turns on right side

    • Split leaps on both right and left

    • Tilt jump

    • Double coupé turn

    • Double pencil turn into tilt kick

    • Leg grab

    • Turning disk (turning second leap)

    • Second leaps on both right and left entrance

    • Toe touches

Other Criteria  

  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Charismatic presence/personality
  • Confidence
  • Independence
  • Enthusiasm


FRIDAY: The preliminary clinic will consist of warm up, technique review and learning one 30 second routine and one 8-8 count routine; the perspective member will add another 4- 8 counts to this routine (this will be judged on Saturday).  The 30 second routine will be judged on Friday evening and will carry a possible 50 points to carry in to Saturday's tryout. 

SATURDAY: Each perspective member must be at the Ryan Center/Sokol Arena on Saturday morning (time TBA Friday).  Perspective members will then be given a time slot on Saturday in which they must be in the Gym at least 20 minutes prior to their time slot.  During the tryout session scheduled, the participant will be judged on the following elements:

  1. Mastery of the Technique listed above

  2. Dance choreography, brought from home, not to exceed 1 minute.  You must bring your own music for this, either on CD or iPod.  This is to showcase your style of dance to the judges.
  3. In addition to the 8- 8 count routine taught at the preliminary clinic, the perspective member will add another 4- 8 counts to this routine.  The purpose of this is to judge the individual on creativity, ability to learn routines quickly and to see how well the style of dance is matched.
  4. "Let's Go Bluejays" chant.
  5. Singing of the Creighton University fight song.  Find words and music here

***bonus points can be awarded for other technique (turning C jump, switch second leaps, center splits, single leg turn and tumbling).  

Scoring Breakdown:

In Person Audition
points possible
Video Audition points possible
Friday Dance 70 Jazz Dance 60
Saturday Dance 120 Hip Hop Dance 60
Technique 170 Pom Dance 70
Chant/Fight Song 30 Technique 170
Overall 70 Chant/Fight Song 30
Possible Bonus 50 Overall 70
    Possible Bonus 50

Interview questions/topics to answer include, but are not limited to:

    • Why do I want to become a Jays Dancer?
    • What do I have to offer to the program and the University