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Creighton University, Dance Team

Dance Team

Video Auditions

Video Auditions

Every attempt should be made to be in person for auditions.  However, traveling from long distances or reasonable conflicts may prevent individuals from being able to be present for auditions.    

If you are unable to attend the Spring Audition, we strongly suggest submitting an audition via video. Creighton University does NOT hold auditions in the fall. If you would like to audition via video please email for requirements and mailing information.   You will need to be very explicit in the reasoning behind the request for a video audition!

Please submit audition material on a DVD. This will become property of the Creighton University Dance Team and will not be returned. All video submissions must be received by Friday April 25th.    

It is strongly suggested this page be printed and items checked off to ensure all components are included to be judged.     


The beginning of your video should include

  • your full name
  • your year in school during the 2013-2014 season (i.e. freshman)
  • the name of the high school or college you currently attend.
  • Please label your DVD with this same information.
  • State the reason you are not able to make the in-person tryouts (ie travel distance)
  • Why you want to be part of team
  • What skills you have to offer (ie leadership, character, choreography). 
  • Make sure to speak loud and clear!

Dance Routines 

All three of the following styles must be submitted in order for your audition to be considered and judged. Dance routines must only feature the individual who is auditioning and be recorded after December 31, 2013. Group or team recordings will not be accepted. Please wear dancewear that shows your body placement and lines.  A tight fitting solid color halter and long black dance pants are required.   If your hair is long, please have your hair pulled back so we can see your face!  Make up is a must as well.

  1. Jazz Routine consisting of at least 10 counts of 8
  2. Hip Hop Routine consisting of at least 10 counts of 8 
  3. Pom Routine consisting of at least 10 counts of 8- please use poms!

it is helpful if each of these styles are clearly labeled when submitting your video so we are not guessing!


Please perform the following skills: 

    • Double and triple turns

    • Calypso leaps on right side

    • Ala second turns on right side

    • Split leaps on both right and left

    • Tilt jump

    • Double coupé turn

    • Double pencil turn into tilt kick

    • Leg grab

    • Turning disk (turning second leap)

    • Second leaps on both right and left entrance

    • Toe touches

***bonus points can be awarded for other technique (turning C jump, switch second leaps, center splits, single leg turn and tumbling)

Appearance, Spirit and Confidence

In addition to being judged on your skills and abilities, your appearance, spirit and confidence will be judged.  You will be asked to perform a chant and sing the Creighton University fight song Please email for video on how to complete this requirement.

  • Chant, “Let’s Go Bluejays” with arm motions and claps
  • Prancing in place and signing “The White and the Blue”

Important Additional Information

Along with your video, please mail the audition application packet information found here

Once your video is received, you will be contacted via email and notified of any missing components or a completed submission.